How Does Technology Impact Your Mental Health And Wellbeing?

Is the extensive use of technology taking a toll on your peace of mind? 


The inevitable growth of technology over time along with the rise of social media has changed the world we know today.

However, this dependence over these tools also has detrimental effects on our mental health and general wellbeing.

We are more connected to the world than we have ever been, yet we are more isolated and seem to be losing out on real human connections.

While most feel happy about their new-found identities in the virtual world, some people experience low self-esteem, anxiety and shorter attention spans.

We asked some people how they felt about the same.

Peter Symes, 50, Renewal Consultant, Cardiff

Adapting constantly to new updates can be a pain sometimes, but technology can be beneficial if you use it to a minimum and precisely for the things you need. I stay away from Facebook and other social media because I think it is a waste of time and hence it doesn’t affect me personally. Messengers seem to annoy me a bit. You could message someone and wait for hours to get a response.


Luned Evans, 15, Student, Cardiff

You see famous people with slim figures, great bodies and unreal skin on Instagram. It’s a norm but doesn’t make you feel good. When you see yourself as an opposite to them, you feel anxious. It shows a fake side of person’s life. The very person could be completely different in their real self. It pressurizes you to do the same which leads to self-doubt.


Gurmeet Singh, 50, Insurance Consultant, India

Although I am new to smart devices and social media, I rely heavily on my phone and feel incomplete without it. I am almost consumed by it. I go to sleep checking my phone and wake up to it, first thing in the morning. Not having my phone with me feels almost like losing a limb. It is not a good feeling, because I am of an age where we didn’t have mobile phones and did well, but sadly this is how it is now. Things were easier when you could get on a call right away and get over with the job.


Shandit Kaur, 33, Accountant, Cardiff

I mostly use my phone for mails or to see Instagram, but it doesn’t affect me personally. I can understand how people without a strong mental makeup can feel anxious or distracted by it. It is important to differentiate between your real and virtual life.

Megan Roberts, 28, Media Producer, Clwyd

I am not on any social media because it is not worth my time. I use the internet mostly for work and spending long hours in front of a screen can be a little exhausting sometimes. But I wouldn’t say it is affecting my mental health.

John Coleshaw, 54, Unemployed, Macclesfield Cheshire

Using technology doesn’t bother me at all. I use all sorts of social media and am quite happy to be connected to different people from all over the world. This wasn’t possible 20 years ago. As a disabled person, I feel good to be known beyond my physical self.

Joshua Richards, 17, Student, Merthyr

I think I would feel a lot better about myself if I didn’t use social media. There is a lot of negativity. There are all sorts of things that I could do better without. I watch a lot of documentaries on Youtube which gives me a lot of happiness. I am addicted to it and would find it hard to do without it. I would say that the only positive is that I am connected with my family and close friends through a phone all the time.

Sanam Kia, 36, Doctor, Iran

I like to use Audible to listen to my books on the move. It is a positive experience as I get to enjoy my time. But I hate all the negative news on social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter. I does effect my mood and mental health. I feel that I need to be connected somehow but I am not quite sure why I need that in my life. It feels more of an obligation. I have taken an affirmative action against it and try and follow only positive feeds to maintain my peace of mind.