The Beyond Borders Podcast

Beyond Borders is a podcast series where we talk to people from two conflicting nations and ask them what exactly are the causes for their conflict; and what can be done to bring about peace.

Episode 1: The Taiwan Question

For this episode of Beyond Borders, we welcome Yi Ting Luo, a 28-year-old Taiwanese student studying journalism in Cardiff, and Renly Danyao, a 24-year-old Chinese student studying music. We explore what the central cause of tensions between mainland China and Taiwan is, their thoughts on the people of each other’s side, the role of the older generations and media in this conflict and how the people and the government can help to bring peace between two sides.

Episode 2: Peace for Ukraine

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine is underway, we speak to Dmytro Marych, a 25-year old Ukrainian student studying data analysis in Cardiff and Zara Mir, a 26-year old Russian-Indian student studying journalism, about the actual cause of the invasion, the build-up of hostilities, historical relations between Russia and Ukraine and their vision of peace between the two countries.

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