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Beyond Borders : Episode 1 – China and Taiwan

Beyond Borders is a podcast series where we bring together two people from conflicting nations to chat about the issues, tensions and similarities between them. Every episode is in the form of a panel discussion in which two guests share their ideas based on their personal experience. Join our host to explore some broader perspectives about some major conflicliting nations’ relation in the world.

Welcome to the first episode of Beyond Borders: China-Taiwan relations. For this episode, our guests are Yi Ting Luo, a 28-year-old Taiwanese student studying journalism in Cardiff, and Renly Danyao, a 24-year-old Chinese student studying music. In this episode, we explore what is the central cause of tensions between mainland China and Taiwan, their thoughts on the people of each other’s side, the role of the older generations and media in this conflict and how the people and the government can help to bring peace between two sides.