Lesson from Palestine Protests in Cardiff: How do we protest more constructively? 

From the BBC building to the National Cardiff Museum, we’ve seen a lot of conflict in recent protests. Mr. Aziz believes that the goal of demonstration is to raise awareness and educate people.

Considerable scale and reach of the Palestine demonstrations.

Recent protests in Cardiff that saw the BBC building vandalized and the National Museum forced to closed are an appropriate way to highlight the issues in Gaza, according to a lecturer at Cardiff University. 

Mr. Abyd Quinn-Aziz who teaches Social Work, has taken part in protests to highlight the war in Palestine and he believes that the situation calls for action that gets people’s attention.

“Some people will block roads, some people will throw paint on Joe Stevens’ office and some people will occupy building,” he said. “I think all of these are valid because I think what is happening in Palestine is a huge crime. That’s what the protest is for.” 

The protestors was great in number and they are emotional.

A woman graffitied the word “liars” on BBC Wales’s office during a pro-Palestine protest. And he believes that protest has to balance out stories that are not covered sufficiently in the press. “Mainstream media coverage of the Palestinian issue is biased, while non-mainstream social media shows the real situation on the ground. In this case, the protests are helping people to understand the real situation on the ground.”

And the National Museum Cardiff witnessed a significant event when Gaza protesters prompted the closure of its front doors. And this kind of action has helped to highlight issues and potentially delivered results. 

“The protests in Cardiff combined with discussions with the government which led to a ceasefire vote. It reveals a significant achievement and a step towards broader awareness and change,” said Mr. Aziz.

He believes, “The main purpose of the protest was to raise awareness of the situation in Gaza. Although the demonstrations were marked by occasional clashes, they primarily remained peaceful and influential. It is not driven by racial animosity but by a collective outcry against the horrors of war.”

Lots of people attend the Palestine Protest in Cardiff this Sunday.

In London, a massive rally saw more than 300,000 demonstrators marching through the city​​. Meanwhile, around 400 people gathered for a national demonstration in solidarity with Palestine​​ in Cardiff. 

Large numbers and engaging with people make protests more constructive. People try to converse with and educate detractors to reduce prejudice. 

“Effective protesting is not just about raising a voice. It’s about how and where people choose to raise their awareness,” said Mr. Aziz.