Road Cameras Installed Throughout Cardiff

Additional road cameras are to be switched on around Cardiff to prevent drivers using bus lanes.

Fines of up to £70 will be given to drivers that breach the rules. The new cameras are part of the clamp down on drivers which was put into force by the Cardiff Council in December 2014.
Councillor Ramesh Patel, the cabinet minister for transport, said “We have to make public transport more attractive, and this scheme is part of that process.”
Ian Lloyd, Cardiff Council media advisor, said “The second phase of the scheme is underway, and five new cameras go live today.” These are an extra 5 cameras, some of which will also be monitoring bus lanes.
A number of bus lane cameras were already switched on in three locations around Cardiff on the 11th November. These include Southern Way in Penylan, North Road in the City Centre and Churchill Way in the City Centre.

There are other traffic enforcement cameras being switched on in other locations. These are more specifically designed to prevent drivers using “banned turn” junctions. One of these cameras is being installed between North Road and College Road. Ramesh Patel said “Motorists that breach banned turns are putting other motorists at risk.”
The camera installed on the “banned turn” junction in Cardiff is the first of its kind outside of London.
Since the clampdown in 2014, the Cardiff Council has taken in over £4.5million in road fines. Statistics from the RAC foundation state that the profit from these fines has reached over £3.5million, which increased by 2% from 2014-15 to 2015-16.
The Council has also recorded a decrease in fines issues over the last 6 months, and that driver behaviour has gradually improved. For example, the number of charges issued during the last six months has been half of what was issued during the Rugby World Cup in 2015 alone.
Cardiff Council encourages drivers to pay the fine, or appeal, as soon as possible. An unpaid fine can increase to £105 to pay. The telephone number to contact with any queries is 029 2087 2087.