Should people drink more responsible in public?

Hopping nightlife will be easy to cause troubles because of the alcohol.  

A working staff at Cardiff University Students’ Union worries about people’s bad behavior when they come out of the club after get drunk every midnight.
Geoff is a 22-year-old part-time working staff at Cardiff University Students’ Union Front of House. He usually sees many drunk students vomit everywhere or destroy public goods out of control after they come out of the club nearby. What’s more seriously, they sometimes even cause violent conflict which is quite dangerous.
“Alcohol is good but sometimes it goes too far and people drink too much. Some students drink too much, so they make mistakes. I think they should be more responsible for their behavior,” says Geoff.
NHS Wales states that alcohol is associated with more than 6000 cases democratic violence and more £1 million cost of harm to society in Wales each year. What’s more, heavy drinking increases the risk of unemployment and absences from work.
Hence, we asked people of their opinion in whether people should drink more responsible in public.
Ross Williams, student

Alcohol itself is not a problem if people moderate take. However, many people specifically many students have pressure when they drink and it is easy for them to cause uncontrolled problem. Basically, I think people should know their limitation when they drinking particularly in public.
Hannah, student staff

I think people should be sensible of their drinking limits and do not overdraw their credit card. Students have a reputation of alcohol, but also football crowds or rugby crowds have a strong drinking culture. However, people’s behavior becomes unpredictable when they drink too much. I think drink aware in public is quite important not only for public but also for their health.
Ruhee, part-timer

I really hope people could drink more responsible in public. I live in North Road and I can hear people singing after they drunk outside my window in the midnight which is really very loud. People live in the ground floor usually fell very disturbed if they don’t drink or get drunk.
Steve, retired

I think people should be more responsible when they drinking in clubs. More important thing is that there should be safe places for people to be managed rather than be violent or be joked. There are already some facilities but we need to found more creative ways to help people who are drunk. Security staffs should help people before they get drunk rather than just throw them in the street.
Natalie, shop keeper

I think adults should be more responsible when they drinking specially at the weekend. If they drink too much or too dependent on it, how do we expect our children to learn. Whey children are surrounding with people drunk and getting to ridiculous situation. Like see people being sick, being on the floor, and they haven’t to be carried home. Adults should enjoy in moderation and don’t give it into peer pressure. We are not invisible.