Ukrainian protest action: Calling for attention to the ongoing war in Ukraine

People from Ukraine gathered at Cardiff protest demanding support and continued attention to the ongoing war back home

Ukrainian come to Cardiff every week to raise money and highlight the painful situation of Ukrainian children.

Protesters gathered in Cardiff last week to draw attention to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The “Stand with Ukraine” group assembled at St David’s Hall to stand as a reminder of a conflict that continues to affect lives thousands of miles away. The weekly protest aims to raise donations and support for those fighting for freedom in Ukraine.

“We stand here to make people know about the war that is still continuing in Ukraine. There is not too much about it on the news at the moment,” said Natalia, a Ukrainian protester who has been in the UK for 20 months. “We don’t see any evidence of the war ending. We need to do as much as possible to make people aware about the situation.”

Since February 2022, Ukraine has been involved in a conflict that began with Russia’s invasion, marking a significant escalation of tensions that had been building since 2014. 

Natalia was unemployed after working in UK for a year and decided to return home in Ukraine to be with her husband.

The UN and various human rights organisations have reported numerous instances of human rights violations and war crimes. Despite ongoing peace talks and international diplomatic efforts, the situation remains volatile, with no immediate end to the conflict in sight.

This conflict has not only led to widespread international condemnation against Russia but also thousands of deaths and injuries, as well as the displacement of millions of Ukrainians. “Due to that, on a daily basis, many people have emigrated from the country because it was not safe. We had to think about our kids, to keep them safe and sound somewhere,” Natalia said.

The group was also raising funds for Ukraine. Makarii, one of the leaders of the campaign and an 18-year-old student at Cardiff University, said, “The money we received here will all go to Ukraine and will be used to buy medical supplies for the people from the front line and to hospitals that takes people after they are being injured or wounded.” 

“Winter in Ukraine is much harder than in Cardiff, especially for soldiers and children. So we will spend most of the money we raised this time on generators,” said Makarii.

Makarii, 18, study at Cardiff, expecting peace and victory for its country.

“We are very lucky that United Kingdom gave us an opportunity to open the visa so that we can come and stay here. Under the special program Homes For Ukraine, the governments offer lots of training programs, which make it possible for us to integrate into local communities and do these things for my country,” Natalia added.

As the world moves on with its daily life, the “Stand with Ukraine” group stands firm and speaks out for their homeland, reminding people of a conflict that refuses to be forgotten.