5 World leading research projects in Wales

5 World leading research projects in Wales

Wales has been very active in encouraging its science sector, in 2013 it set aside £100 million into a life science fund, the first of its kind in the world  and in 2014 it invested a large sum of money to help set up of the Life Science Hub Wales (LSHW) which aims to the center of the Science industry in Wales.  This has resulted in Wales being at the forefront of a number of exciting research projects.


This year the LSHW awarded its first winner of the Boost Cymru award, a competition to find Wales’s most innovative company. Jellogen won the award for its work that uses jellyfish to produce medical research grade collagen. Winning this award has allowed the company to raise £2 million of funding. The success of this award has resulted in the LSHW bringing in an entrepreneur in residence to help support further life science businesses in Wales.

The Investment by the Welsh Government has allowed the life Science sector to thrive
The Investment by the Welsh Government has allowed the life Science sector to thrive

Proton Partners International

Proton Partners International (PPI) is based in Newport and is the first proton beam therapy center in the UK and as of the 18th of October this year it has begun to expand to internationally, buying a facility in United Arab Emirates.


TrakCel was one of the first life science companies in Wales. It develops software to streamline and aid in the delivery of regenerative therapies. Currently it employees 30 people but thanks to multi million pound investment my San Francisco firm Telegraph Hills Partners it hopes to triple this by the end of the year.



Health and Care Research Wales (HCRW)

Health and Care Research Wales funds a number of research projects itself including the research of Dr Emma Yhnell, a research fellow for Cardiff University. Her research focuses on non-pharmacological interventions for Huntington’s disease, essentially things other than drugs that can help the disease.
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When asked why Wales continues to attract investments from around the world she said that “There is great depth and strength of life science research in Wales and this is why it continues to attract research funding.” she also said that “Wales has a strong reputation for cutting edge and world leading scientific research, although things can always be improved.”