Will you queue all night just for a phone?

IPhone X has just came out last week and thousands of Apple fanatics got the £1000 phone at once.

The Apple shop in Cardiff.

Apple fanatics waited outside stores for all night in freezing temperatures just hoped to get their hands on the IPhone X in many places around the world.
The X is considered to be Apple’s new generation smartphones because it uses facial recognition software for the first time.  Meanwhile, the X is also the most expensive phone until now.
Comments on Twitter from people who have used the X are most positive. The X is described to be the best smart phone until now.
We asked the public what do they think of such crazy behavior and their attitude to using Apple phones.
Rebecca, UK

I am a fan of Apple and most of my friends are also apple fans and some of them are quite crazy about Apple products. I won’t by the latest products because I think it’s quite expensive. I think most young people are just like the latest things and they always want to follow the trend.
Ahelen, UK

I’m not a fan of Apple and I won’t queue all night just for a phone. However, my husband is a big fan of Apple and all his products are from Apple. He just has the confidence of their brands, no matter price or the strategies the Apple has done.
Awlan, UK

I have some apple products like IPad. I like Apple products but I’m not that crazy about it, because their products are usually very expensive. I think the reason that people prefer to choose Apple is that the apps in Apple store are usually fantastic and convenient to use.
Qingxin Zheng, Student, China

I use Apple products but I’m not really a fan of Apple. Some of my classmates are crazy about Apple and I think they often buy the latest product once it come out. Apple usually has some wonderful and amazing advertisements which help Apple to build its good reputation.
Dylan, A staff in a café, France

I use Apple products and I’m a big fan of Apple. The biggest reason is that I am a fan of Steve Jobs. He is an intelligent person who is very good at marketing and selling. I work for a vegetarian café and Steve usually went to one of our cafes in California when he was alive.