Back to School at Techniquest

Welsh science and discovery centre Techniquest recently opened its doors to adults for an evening of fun and learning.

Techniquest edited
Experience science close up (Photo credit Jane and Ben Danielsen, Flickr)

Science education should not end when people leave school. That’s the mantra that Techniquest had in mind when they opened their doors for a ‘back to school’ event, inviting adults in for a chance to experiment with the science-at-play exhibits without the presence of rowdy children.

The over 18’s policy meant that people were allowed to grab a drink at the bar before wandering around the venue, and hilarity ensued as drunken adults meandered around exhibits, playing with the attractions and mingling with other science enthusiasts.

“I had a lot of fun” admitted Matthew, a 24-year-old radiographer from Heath Hospital. “I didn’t think I would learn a lot as I studied science to a high level, but there is always a lot to learn about basic science principles and Techniquest communicates these across perfectly in their game-like attractions”

Techniquest Matt cropped
Learning about Bernoulli’s principle at Techniquest

He added: “I went to a history talk about the history of anaesthesia which will actually prove quite helpful for my career. The lecturer was amazing he kept me absolutely riveted for the entire hour.”

Other talks were available on biology, physics and chemistry

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Science can be fun for adults

The next After Hours: Back to School event will be held at the end of January.