Cardiff to be the pioneer of carbon neutral in the UK

Cardiff City Council has set up a significant step to make the city more sustainable.

NextBike is a part of the whole plan released by City Council

The project ‘One Planet Cardiff’ is a set of plans on making Cardiff more sustainable, made by the city council this year. It’s on a target to hit to become a carbon natural city by 2030. The initiative has reduced emissions by 45% since 2005.

A hydroelectric plant has been installed that can generate water from the water flows. The solar farm built on Lamby way Landfill can generate green energy to power as many as 2,900 homes every year for 35 years. This initiative means that the resources we have now should fit for the current population.

Solar Farm started to generate power for the city

Jon Berry, the development officer of Sustainable Wales comment about ‘One Planet Cardiff’, said that ”We feel confident in the ambition of the project, and hope that this is a genuine commitment to a more sustainable city.”

”We are looking forward to seeing measurable, regularly achievable targets, that are clearly and transparently communicated to the communities of Cardiff. This cannot be a greenwash project – there must be real changes that communities can see and feel in order for this project to succeed.” said Jon.

Car parked on the pavement near the Castle

Kathryn Shaw, Communication counselor of the Riverside Group said, ”It helped us interact with the community and deliver and lower carbon footprint in a few cases so far, that we wouldn’t have been able to do without the backing from council. Cardiff is on a journey to be a one planet city; our energy use is a big part of Cardiff slimming down to one planet.”

Thanks to a series of plans in order to achieve Carbon Neutrality, such as shared bikes, solar farms, waste management, food, transport, and so on. It aims to do this in a way that supports new green economies and greater social wellbeing in the city.

There are already new trees planted in Bute town now, 1,000 trees are being planted at school sites to mark the launch of the council’s One Planet Cardiff strategy. A further 1,000 trees will be planted in and around Cardiff’s nature reserves and woodlands.