Is Cardiff ready to share cabs with strangers?

Is the appeal of being environment-friendly and cheaper good enough to make Cardiff’s residents share taxis?

Environmentally friendly or dangerous? Cardiff’s residents have their say over cab-sharing in the city.

Cab services across the globe offer carpooling services where the taxi can be shared between 2-4 people. This results in saving money, fuel and in turn helping the environment in an easy manner. However, this culture of sharing cabs and taxis have not been implemented in Cardiff or Wales in general.

Cities like London and Manchester have started to execute this plan but Wales is still far behind. We asked the people living in Cardiff if they would be willing to share a cab ride with a total stranger to save money and help the environment.

Coco Chew, 21

“Yes, I will use a shared cab. I’m not that scared about my security but since it takes time, it gets annoying sometimes. But, if it has a lot of cost saving as compared to a normal Uber then I would do it. It is definitely good for the environment because the car would drive less while driving people who are all going in the same direction, so I think it would be quite good.”

Thomas Edward May, 18

“I think that the possibility of danger arising from sharing lifts with people for me leads me to say that I would not be okay with sharing lifts with other people. I would say it is environment-friendly, but it’s too dangerous. I think cycling is environment-friendly. I know it is growing in popularity and I think that the government is accommodating more cycling lanes.”

Yazan Sabha, 25

“In Jordan, where I come from, we share rides all the time. I would share a cab here with someone and I think Cardiff should implement a service where everything can be shared to save money and to live sustainably. From food to cabs, I think sharing is a culture that should be instilled in everyone.”

John Kitchener, 34

“Yeah, I think everybody should share a cab. I’m not shy, I will share a cab as it is good for the environment and saves the taxi driver from going back and forth all the time, if you’re going to the same place, you jump in with them. Security depends on who you are sharing the cab with, if they’re intoxicated or they’re being a bit violent and abusive before they get in the cab then you won’t want to, you hardly know them, but if you meet somebody friendly then, definitely.”