Electric vehicles: a double edged sword in the technological age

Electric buses will replace traditional buses in Cardiff. Will electric vehicles be a good thing or a bad thing?

electric vehicles parking space
Exclusive charging bay for electric cars in car parking.

The Cardiff Council will begin work on the programme to reduce severe air pollution levels on 21 March, including the replacement of the oldest and most polluting traditional buses with electric buses.

According to data from CarbonFootprint, based on the carbon footprint of driving 10,000 miles, the average electric car emits 0.96 tons of carbon dioxide, while a gasoline car emits 2.99 tons each.

“Electric vehicles are much better than the internal combustion engine they’re more efficient in terms of how much energy they used to move forward. They have got lower emissions and they’ve got much lower maintenance costs, running costs and ultimately,” said Gareth Tucker, the Electric Vehicle Charge Point Coordinator at Carmarthenshire Energy.

In terms of the environmental situation in Cardiff, the biggest benefit of electric cars is that they can reduce the level of air pollution by maximally controlling vehicle exhaust emissions.

According to BBC News, more people are starting to use electric vehicles, and the number of new electric and hybrid car registrations in Wales rose by 35% in 2017 compared to the previous year. Powys saw the highest rise in Wales at 66.7%, followed by Cardiff and Penarth combined at 53.3%.at 53.3%.

An indicator shows that this area is only for electric vehicles.

However, as a product of technological development, the electric vehicle still has many problems, especially in Cardiff.

“One problem is that the technology is changing very fast,” said Peter Wells, a professor of business and sustainability at the Centre for Automotive Industry Research at Cardiff University. “Many people think this is an advantage, but the truth is the opposite.

“Firstly, some buyers will not buy now, because they’re waiting for it to get better in the future. When a new generation of electric cars appears, those who own second-hand electric cars will feel their cars are even older, just like mobile phones and computers, because the technology is backward. ”

electric car charging station
Charging station in St David’s car parking.

On the other hand, a new high-performance electric car costs £17,043, which is a lot of money for many people.

“I prefer to have electric cars, because it is good for the environment and also save money for fuel, but it is expensive, and then I cannot afford it. So, I am still driving my traditional cars,” said Dejwaar, an Uber driver.

Electric cars do bring convenience to people, especially they play an important role in reducing the level of air pollution in Cardiff as well as they still need the support and promotion of the government.

“The future of electric cars in Cardiff that will happen slowly but surely,” said Wells.