Local librarians taking on Canton’s litter problem

Librarians in Canton are trying to clean up the streets with community litter picks.

Loose litter is said to be worst the day after bins are collected.

A librarian-led group of volunteers picked up eight bags of rubbish on Wednesday in an effort to tackle the problem of rubbish on the streets.

This was the second community litter pick hosted by Canton Library, with members planning monthly events after being supplied with equipment by Cardiff Council.

“I wanted to start it because of the state of the streets. The council do their best, but lots of the litter is in nooks and crannies and it blows into areas that really need to be done by hand,” said Librarian and Coordinator Patricia Cordwell.

Patricia is responsible for organising the litter picking events and those who attend.

“We find a lot of smoking paraphernalia and these little gas bottles. But also paper cups, plastic bottles and takeaway food.”

The volunteers met inside the library to gather equipment before walking the streets that are the worst affected by litter. 

People in Canton recently named litter as one of the biggest issues affecting their community, calling for more to be done.

The council have supplied the library with specific litter picking tools.

Canton Councillor, Stephen Cunnah attended the event and said: “I think it’s a brilliant idea. All Canton residents if they are able should join in.

“Yesterday [Tuesday] we had a big football match at the stadium, happily Wales won, it was a great match, well done Wales. Unfortunately, some fans have left beer bottles so we’ve collected them and hopefully the streets will be just that little bit clearer.”

The events are open to all who wish to attend and conclude with a free hot drink inside the library. 

Those who take part spend an hour and a half collecting rubbish.

Rob Rhys, Senior Librarian, said: “It’s nice to get out in the fresh air and you have a laugh. It’s a community thing, people are seeing you and thanking you. It shows that their local librarians do more than just give out books.”

Community litter picks take place at Canton Library on the third Wednesday of every month. The equipment can also be borrowed at any time during opening hours.