Is the New Male Injection Contraceptive a Good Thing?

A male contraception injection for men has been in the works in labs across the U.S.A.

The researchers involved say that it now shows great promise. During this new form of contraception, men would require injections twice every eight weeks. Some side effects were shown, such as mood swings and muscle cramps.
With these new developments of the contraception. InterCardiff took to the streets of Cardiff to see the public’s opinion.

“What are your opinions on a male contraceptive injection?”

Hannah. 22. Account manager.

“I think it’s a really good idea. If girls can handle it, they can. It’s also really great if they want to take on some responsibility instead of leaving it just to the women.”
“Having to have the injections that often would be annoying, but the pill and other forms of contraception that women have are also time consuming and have worse side effects.”
Jess. 21. Training development assistant.

“It sounds like a great idea. It would lessen the responsibility on women and give men a chance to share the burden. However, I feel that awareness of STIs would have to increase as this would provide an excuse to not wear condoms. A lot of couples use condoms because it’s the easiest option and I think people often forget that they also stop STIs, not just pregnancy.”
Chris. 25. Waiter.

“This is a great idea and gives us the chance to relieve the burden on women. No one should be forced into being in charge of birth control, so this way everyone has a chance to take some responsibility and it’s much more equal.”
“Side effects aren’t really an issue. Women go through worse and as long as the side effects aren’t permanent, it’s all good.”
Cerys. 20. Game operator.

“Yeah! This is a brilliant idea. It would take the pressure off girls and there are so many contraceptive options for women, it’s great to have some for men now. They can be responsible for themselves – not just leave it to women.”
Emma. 25. Shift manager/Game operator.

“This idea is perfect. It gives more of a sense of equality and lets the guys shoulder some of the burden with us. I think they’d get annoyed by it all at first, but the more men that did it, the more normal it would be. Plus, it’s nice for couples to be able to have a conversation about contraception where they can both have a weighted opinion.”