Cancer Research strives for a tobacco-free Wales

Reports on No Smoking Day says using stop smoking services is better than ‘going cold turkey’

Whether it’s for health reasons or to save money, the majority of smokers would like to quit. 
Quitting smoking has many benefits including reducing the risk of developing cancer, heart and lung disease, improving general fitness, and improving fertility levels.

Wales has been informed by Cancer Research that seeking smoking support is more benefitical than quitting on the spot.

Andy Glyde, Cancer Research UK’s public affairs manager in Wales has said that smoking is enormously addictive and it difficult to quit.

“We know that people who engage with smoking cessation services are around three-times more likely to be successful than going ‘cold turkey’.”

“But we know that quitting reduces the risk of cancer compared with ongoing smoking, so the reasons to strive for a tobacco-free society in Wales are unequivocal.”

There are currently more than 440,000 adult smokers in Wales, according to the National Survey for Wales.

Smoking statistics, 2003/4 to 2018-19
Source: National Survey for Wales 2018-19

The best way you can celebrate National No Smoking Day if you are a smoker is to take the opportunity to choose to quit smoking. It may not be easy but it is clearly worth. You will improve your health within hours and days of stopping.

National No Smoking Day is on March 11th. Whether you or a someone you know is a smoker, it is never too late to quit or help someone quit.

National No Smoking day can be celebrated by those who are concerned about someone they love by offering them access to resources that can help. There are support groups, over the counter cessation aides, and phone numbers to people who can talk to them.

Alike to anything having to do with your health you should consult your doctor for advice on the best course of action for you personally. There are many options to support you once you choose to quit.

Infographic for National No Smoking Day on smoking and e-cigarettes
Source: National Survey for Wales 2018-2019: Adult smoking and e-cigarette use