Open Day at the Life Sciences Hub

The Life Sciences Hub in Cardiff Bay held an opening day on Wednesday, with the aim of promoting themselves to companies operating in the Science sector.

A new and modern effort to increase science all around Wales

Setup by the Welsh Government 2 years ago, the Hub has over 130 life science member organisations and is a key player in connecting companies together.
“If we have a small company that has made a medical device, we would link them with the NHS,” said Andrew Sutherland, Member Liaison at the Hub. “We would also help to showcase their product to Europe and other countries.”
Members vary from universities to tech giants

Organisations were able to come and see the kind of work that was being conducted during the open day, and potentially create connections with current members.
“Finding people and making contacts is what the open day is about,” added Mr Sutherland. “It is a networking session to show and help growing businesses.”
The Hub is seen as the ‘middle-man’ between companies and the world

A few of the services provided by Life Sciences Hub include:

  • Help with business support
  • Finding funding and finance
  • Renting out office space and lecture theatres
  • Establishing links with organisation
  • Reaching out to small companies
  • Promotion of life science products

As well as this, the Hub aims to add hundreds of jobs to the life sciences sector and increase revenue by £1bn to the Welsh economy by 2020.

The facilities offered are rented out and can be used by anyone

Although focused on life sciences, there is an ongoing effort to build a relationship with agriculture sciences, and possibly branch out to other science sectors.
“There are many innovative start-up and early stage businesses who need a little extra help,” said Dr Ian Barwick, COO of Life Sciences Hub. “The level of support available at the Hub is crucial to helping them reach their goals.”
With employers from a variety of backgrounds, the skills offered are almost endless

There has already been huge success from the work done by the Hub with the launch of ‘Boost Cymru’. This competition encouraged businesses and individuals across Wales to create new ideas, products or services that could be brought to the market within 2 years.
For more information about the services provided by the Life Sciences Hub or membership, visit