Seven tips to reduce single use plastics

Intercardiff visits Ripple, Cardiff’s first zero waste shop and explores ways to reduce single-use plastics in daily life. Here are 7 ways to be a concious retailer and live a plastic free life.

Plastic waste is biggest problem with waste management in Wales. Wales’ recycling industry is struggling with their bandwidth and resources as people and institutions continue to degrade the planet and ignore the evident effects of blindly consuming single-use plastics. People are oblivious to the fact that even recycling plastic is a slow and energy consuming process.

We visited Ripple Living,Cardiff’s first zero-waste shop on Albany Road, Roath and found x ways to reduce plastic use in shops.

Ripple living at Albany Road, Roath
Ripple living at Albany Road, Roath

1. Jars can be used to store grains, seeds and nuts.

Seeds and grains can stored in jars.
Seeds, nuts and grains can be stored in jars.

2. Barrels and canisters can be used to store liquids like hand soap, detergents and oils.

3. Toiletries can be made with bamboo and other plant products.

4. Toys made with jute and cloth help kids begin a consious lifestyle at a younger age.

5. Not everything needs to be packed. Soaps can be sold like bars.

6. Cutlery and crockery made with wood is definitely a better option than plastic varients.

7. Clothing made with recycled raw material and textiles derived from plants is a good alternative to fast fashion.