Is it Safe to Use Make-Up Testers in Stores?

Scientists are saying that make-up testers in stores might not be as harmless as they seem.

Are make-up testers a threat to your health? @I’m blue I’m pink

Department store make-up testers contain bacteria which can lead to cold sores and pink eye, experts say.
Microbiologist at Aston University Birmingham Dr. Amreen Bashir says in the Conversation UK that lipsticks, mascara wands and eyeliners used in stores can infect you with the herpes simplex virus or lead to pink eye.
Studies reveal that 67% of the population are infected with the herpes simplex virus type 1 and that 43% of eye cosmetics contain bacteria that are potentially hazardous.
“You wouldn’t share your toothbrush with strangers, so why make an exception with your cosmetics?” says Dr. Bashir. “You just don’t know what infections other people could be carrying on their skin.”

Ellen Mace and Mary Coughlin, 82, retired twins, Cardiff

We use them to make us look a bit better. Well, there’s nothing wrong with my skin and I’m 82. We don’t think they are dangerous.

Kim Evans, 26, police support officer, Cwmbran

No, I don’t use them in department stores. I just take it home, use it. I just know what I want, I’ve had the same for years. It probably is quite dirty, yeah, when you think of that.

Dawn Walsh, 34, baker, Cardiff

I do use them sometimes, normally to check the colour and the quality. I tend to use the same brands for my foundation. I would probably only use those that have got a disposable test or something with it.

Carla Williams (right), 32, support worker, Liverpool

I don’t use them cause I don’t know where they’ve been. I don’t know who else has tested them and what they’ve tested them on. They’re just generally unclean.

Emma Helliwill, 34, carer, Swansea

I use them to cover all my spots. I use foundation, powder, eyeshadow. Everybody’s using those testers and then you don’t know what they’ve got. It’s not very nice, is it?

Eileen, 71, retired, Cardiff

I’ve never used them. I have favourites, I just pick one I like and I will probably use that for years.

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