South Wales Metro is it needed?

The South Wales is currently under construction, but do the people of Cardiff know about it and want it?

The South Wales Metro is a plan to make the south region of Wales more accessible by public transport. It uses bus, train and light rail to link the towns in the valleys, like Merthyr Tydfil, to main cities on the south coast, Cardiff, Newport and Bridgend. Construction of the first phase is currently underway with the main metro links being aimed to be completed by 2023. But what are the people of Cardiff’s thoughts on the South Wales Metro?

Richard Collingwood, 34, Designer

“I wouldn’t advise people to use public transport because of the costs involved. I think the Metro will only be a good thing if the price is right, they [government] should reduce the cost of the Metro to make it more accessible for people.”

David Thomas, 65, Retired

“I like public transport in Cardiff because I have a bus pass which I use all the time. The Metro can’t come soon enough. It will be good for Cardiff and the surrounding area.”

Lucy Thomas, 20, Sales Assistant 

“I think public transport in Cardiff is good, there’s a range of ways to get across the city. I think the Metro is a brilliant idea as now I wouldn’t know how to get to many places in the valleys or certain coastal towns like Porthcrawl because they’re not on the main South Wales rail line, but the Metro and its maps will make it easier to get anywhere in the South Wales area. It will also make transport to the airport easier which can only be good for tourism.”

Simon Blunddul, 30, Small Business Owner

“I haven’t used public transport in Cardiff as I only drive into the city. I don’t know of the South Wales Metro but I have been to cities like Nottingham where the Metro exists. It would be good as it will reduce cars in the city centre, therefore reduce Cardiff’s carbon footprint.”

Tara, 19, Student

“Public transport in Cardiff isn’t too bad. A lower price would make me use it more. The Metro is a good idea but I think the time scale is too long as it will cause lots of disruptions when being built.”
Overall, the people survey today think that the South Wales Metro is a good addition to public transport in Cardiff, as long as the ticket prices stay reasonable.