The place where science comes to life

Techniquest, a popular family day out, is situated on the edge of Bute-town overlooking Cardiff bay. It is an interactive science museum full of accessible exhibits for visitors to explore and learn from.

Employee at Techniquest, Darren Westcott, said, “The great thing about it is science communication. We reach so many people and can explain different STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects to all ages whilst being fun.”
Techniquest engages with many local schools. This Saturday, they are launching their ‘Spooky Science’ event for some ghostly science over the half-term.

Two employees are at Techniquest’s main reception where many families exciting day begins. Not only do people have access to the exhibits, but here they can ask for added extras such as a planetarium talk and access to the gift shop and café.

A mother and child are enjoying Techniquest’s vortex exhibit. The woman is spinning a wheel fast enough so that a whirl-pool is created inside the tank.

This is one of Techniquest’s most popular science exhibits. The floating ball works by air being pushed towards it. The air evenly spreads itself on the top and bottom, allowing it to float.

The girls in this are playing a giant piano which requires them to use their feet to play it. This exhibit is particularly fun as it allows a number of people to enjoy it at once.

The big glass building allows visitors to enjoy this stunning view of Cardiff Bay. Darren Westcott, an employee of Techniquest says, “The location is great because we are in a beautiful glass building, which you can only get on the bay”.