Young litter picker: earning credits by cleaning up in Grangetown

“They enjoy the litterpick, they see it as fan as a game and hopefully get some good habits.” Fiona said.

Children are doing the litterpick with their dog.

Volunteers aged from two-year-old earned credits to enter fun events by taking part in litterpick in Grangetown last Sunday.

Local children was the main force of Keep Grangetown Tidy to clean the Marl Park. 28 bags of litter has been collected at the end. The organisation encourage children to participate, and offer them two credits as a reward every time. Children are able to spend the credits on some sport, leisure, play and recreation events. 

“This may be the sixth or seventh time I took her here, going outside is good for her health. Litterpick is also a good way to keep our community tidy.” , said a seven-year-old girl’s mother. “She can use the credits she earned to do the swimming or ice-skating.”

The seven-year-old girl holding the clip specialise for children with her mother

Another reason for the children interested in litter pick is that they have the precious opportunities to get close to nature. Louis is fond of nature and animals and when he finished litter pick he petted the dog Sausage, the mascot of Keep Grangetown Tidy and he put his face on the dog’s back and was unwilling to back to home with his mom.

Louis developed deep friendship quickly with Sausage

Fiona, one of the organizers, said that they are welcoming all people from all ages and all backgrounds to join in, especially the children. They hold the event every month and it is not only good for the community but also benefits younger generation.

“You get fresh air, get a bit of exercise. Getting children involved is great, because children like it , they enjoy the litterpick they see it as fan as a game and hopefully get some good habits.”

Fiona is really proud of the 28 bags of litter been collected.

Several riders waved their hands to the young volunteers wearing the green vest, holding the clips in their hands and even slowed down to say “Thank you for making Grangetown spotless!”