Do you think you need to do more to prevent mould from affecting your health?

Anyone can develop health issues from damp and mould, and simple preventive measures can make a big difference.

Uploaded on November 20th, 2016 by Pixabay.

Thousands of people, including babies and young children, are hospitalised every year with lung problems linked to damp and mouldy homes.

Across the UK, about 3% of flats and homes are classified as having damp. Far more homes are affected in practice and the impact is not evenly spread. 

Doctors see more depression and anxiety in people living in cold and damp homes, and the distress can impair immunity, hormone function and the cardiovascular system. 

The stress can also drive more smoking, eating and alcohol consumption.

Darnell, 27, Online Staff

“I’ve got my own place in Bristol, and I keep an eye on the walls every now and then. If I notice any mould, I clean it up right away before it can cause any more damage. So far, I haven’t had any health issues from it. Gotta keep the place in tip-top shape, you know?”

Owen, 23, Paralegal

“I lived in rental accommodation for about a year in London, and I think physically it caused some health problems because I suffered with asthma. We contacted our landlord, but he didn’t do anything about it. When we were living there, you sort of scrub it away. But you’ll never get rid of it.”

Phoebe, 25, General Manager of an Apartment

“Students in our apartment sometimes come across situations where mould occurs in the room. Usually, they make a request, and we promptly use a spray to remove the mould and clean it up in a hurry and advise them to open the windows from time to time for ventilation.”

Adnaan, 19, Student

“Since we live in a school flat, I have a roommate who is experiencing this. His room is getting a bit damp so there is some black mould on the wall. I think I would advise him to speak to receprion about this situation and clean it up in time to prevent lung or other health problems.”

Wendy, 71, Retiree

“I live in my own house, but my house is not affected by mould. This is because in the winter we try to keep the rooms warm all the time to resist the growth of mould inside the house. Otherwise, once it gets cold, it gets very damp.”