This Saturday we’re live blogging: Wales vs England rugby match

This Saturday Intercardiff went live in a newbie-friendly play-by-play of the Wales vs. England rugby match in Cardiff.

Via Facebook Live videos and aggregated tweets, we bring you the full experience from this Saturday’s big game: Wales versus England in what might possibly have been the biggest and most contentious rugby match of the season.

It’s the moment when the game is decided. John Dolan shares his expertise with Noelle Knowelle Evans and fans from both sides share their perspectives on the game. “Gutted” says a woman from North Wales just as her English friend comes over grinning.

Reporter Noelle Knowelle Evans talks with Welsh and English fans and breaks down rugby for those who are better acquainted with American football. It’s the second half, and the energy is intense

This afternoon, Noelle Knowelle Evans reported live from The Gatekeeper Pub on the action in today’s Wales vs England game, as someone who’s never seen a rugby match in her life. Here’s the first of a series worth watching if only for the reactions.

Our reporters Himanshu Nitnaware and Noelle Knowelle Evans took to the streets of Cardiff City Centre where fans were gathering before the big game (Wales vs England: Rugby)… and met a horse.

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