Personal training: is it worth spending £30 a week?

If you had an extra £120, would you just spend them on drinks and leisure? Some people have instead decided to invest that on a personal trainer.

Personal trainers offer training sessions at gyms, homes, parks and other places – anywhere that suits the client.

What would you do with an extra £120 per month? It could pay for nights out clubbing, romantic meals, a weekend getaway or a pair of tickets to the rugby.
Others would invest this money in themselves and their own fitness, working out with a personal trainer.
“My personal trainer has changed my health so much I wouldn’t put a price on that,” said Georgia Emes, postgraduate student in Cardiff diagnosed with hyper mobility syndrome. “When I was in extreme pain from my condition having a PT meant I didn’t push myself too far, I only did what was safe and I was able to speed up my recovery through exercise.
Georgia has trained with her personal trainer Christopher Troake since May 2016.
Beginners may find it difficult to get theirselves on the right way for training. That is one occasion when a personal trainer can help.

Working out with a trainer gives his clients the guidance they need, according to Christopher: “Working out with a personal trainer help people train safer and much smarter,” he explains: “It is true that people can probably get all the workout instructions online, but people just don’t look for them online or just don’t follow the right suggestions.”
The average personal training costs in Cardiff cost about £30- £50 for an hour’s session.
Working with a trainer allows Georgia to use her time more effectively. “I get more out of shorter sessions with a PT(personal training) than if I spent hours in the gym alone,” she says.
For Christopher, a professional personal trainer will always aim to tailor the workout session for various clients, record their achievement and make each session fresh and fun. He said this helps motivate clients to achieve better results.
But there are some fitness professionals who don’t think this is money well spent.
“You don’t need a personal trainer in order to get fit. All you need is discipline and a squat rack.” says Jay Kim, author of Hack Your Fitness. For Jay, there are lots of unqualified personal trainers as people can easily get a certificate over a short period of time without enough coaching experience.
Jay thinks people should learn the simple science behind exercise and smart nutrition and get to work themselves.
Georgia thinks whether to spend money on personal training is about prioritising things in people’s life.
“As a postgraduate student I don’t have money to waste but it’s not a waste, it’s an investment.” said Georgia.
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