Are you worried about Covid?

Cases of new Covid strain spread across Europe.


According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention the variant is a descendant of BA.2.86-also know as the Pirola variant, which came from Omicron. Scientists have said the new strain appears to be more transmissible. Alongside the cough and shortness of breath familiar to many who have had the virus before, symptoms for the new strain also include diarrhoea and fatigue.

Adams William, 75

I’m not worried about the Covid, I want to forget it and move on with our lives.I hope the government can give us more vaccines so the we can avoid it.

John Clingasan, 22, Student

I’m not really worriedaboutit ,because whoever since the pandemic now been ablate go back to like our normal lives. But it doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s still out there, because it hasn’t been affecting our normal life as much anymore. I didn’t think we should forget about it ,because it’sstrillsomethng that affects other people’s lives.

Ellie, 23, office clerk

I’m not worried about Covid, I think offset people it’s like a flow when like cold sand things, then we have to do kind of just move on. Eventually it’s always gonna be that it’s difficult to do about it. I think the government definitely could’ve done more time to stop it .

Tony, 29, Sanitationman

I haven’t been worried about the coronavirus. I hope everyone can forget about this and move on.Covid is doesn’t affect my life.

John , 78

I got my shot last week so I’m not worried. I don’t think we can forget Covid,we gotta keep in mind.About the government,I don’t know what they can do ,but right now everything is ok.