Is this the world's oldest working fridge?

A RETRO fridge freezer dating from the early 1950s has been given the ice-cool moniker of being one of the oldest in South Wales.
Diane and Phillip Creedy, who proudly own a 60-year-old General Electric Company fridge, were the winners of a competition set up to raise awareness of the amount of energy used by old electrical appliances.
Caerphilly County Borough Council set up the competition which also aimed to find the oldest fridge in the area.

This retro fridge is not past its sell by date
This retro fridge is not past its sell by date (Picture: Caerphilly County Borough Council)

The fridge was previously owned by Diane Creedy’s aunt Eileen Williams. Diane Creedy said: “I can remember seeing the fridge as a toddler and being fascinated by opening the door and seeing the light come on. It was really excited to be allowed to go to the fridge and take out the milk. Very few people had fridges at this time – they were seen as a status symbol, only owned by the well-off.”
Councillor Ken James, cabinet member for regeneration, planning and sustainable development said: “Residents may think they’re saving money by holding onto an old appliance – but older models actually use more energy. Have a look at the rating on your fridge freezer and see if you could be saving energy and money.
The RDP Sustainable Energy Team are currently in talks with the Winding House in New Tredegar to give the fridge a new home and be part of the museum’s collection.