Expert calls for more measures to reduce impact of flooding

This year flooding has devastated thousands of homes and left people without power. Image: Malcolm Campbell
This year flooding has devastated thousands of homes. Image: Malcolm Campbell

A water management expert at Cardiff University has called for more to be done to reduce the impact of flooding in the UK.
Professor Roger Falconer, director of the Hydro-environmental Research Centre at Card University, said: “I would like to see more money spent on civil engineering issues. It would be very good if engineers took a more responsive role and we should encourage people to get advice from civil engineers.”
It comes after the director of flood and coastal risk management at the Environmental Agency David Rooke said the organisation is doing all it can to protect all people and all properties but needs support from the Government.
South Wales has seen record amounts of rainfall this winter.
Figures for December 1 to February 19 show that South Wales has, on average, had 486.8mm of rain, making it the wettest winter in records dating back to 1910.
It beats the previous record set in 1995 of about 485.1mm.