Nowhere to go for Whitchurch Hospital Bowls Club

Whitchurch Hospital Bowls club has an award-green but no club house
Whitchurch Hospital Bowls club has an award-winning green but no club house

One of Cardiff’s most successful bowls clubs faces an uncertain future after the council said it must find an alternative clubhouse.
Whitchurch Bowls Club, having been been attached to Whitchurch hospital since 1979 currently operates out of a temporary Portakabin on grounds of the facility.
But Whitchurch Hospital will return to council hands by 2016 after which part of the area will be redeveloped for housing as part of the Whitchurch Green project.
The council approved the club’s application to continue using the cabin for changing rooms, a meeting area and reception hall, but say any future applications will be refused.
The club previously had accommodation at the hospital, later scrapped by health authorities. But club officials say there is nowhere for the club to go.
Bob Richards, Chairman of Whitchurch Hospital Bowls Club said: “There have been worries about whether we can still use the site.

“If the club does not get a permanent solution it will have to close.”

The club’s healthy membership of 52 has allowed it to keep up payments of over £7000 for upkeep of the green, and membership is growing, with new, younger members joining up in recent years.
Mr Richards said: “It is very important to us in fact we are starting to get more members. Our youngest member is now 11 while our oldest is about 80. It keeps the old people going.”
Talks are currently ongoing with the hospital, but until there is a permanent solution, Whitchuch  Bowl Club’s future remains undecided.