The hardest thing to give up for Lent

LENT is fast-approaching. After the glory that of Pancake Day binge, it will be time for some atonement and self-denial. From February 18 to April 2, it could be 40 days of testing out your willpower by giving up something that you truly love.
We wanted to know what you, the lovely people of Cardiff would find hardest to do without. A meat free month or going with out your morning hit of caffeine? Could you survive 40 days without Facebook?
The stats are in and here’s what we found:
Apparently emojis and cheese are luxuries that you will quite happily go without, getting the least votes.
9 per cent of people said they could not bear to go vegetarian for a month, and would find giving up meat, going without that BLT sandwich or juicy steak, the hardest option.
10953872_10153133058411214_4084993115105943185_oWith 10 per cent of the vote, coffee was the next hardest thing to give up, spending a month without the restorative effects of your morning coffee.
Alcohol got came out with  18 per cent of the vote, as people found they would not be able to go a month without having a well deserved pint.
But it seems to two essential ingredients for most Cardiffian’s survival are Facebook and chocolate, with nearly a third of the vote each.
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