Should Cardiff City trial safe standing to reward fans?

Jon Candy reproduced under Creative Commons
Grounds like the Cardiff City Stadium could see their attendances increase with safe standing

Discussions about allowing standing at football matches in Wales have begun, and, if successful, it would be the first time fans could legally stand at a match since the early 1990s.
Standing would come back in a safer form than previously seen in an attempt to stop tragedies such as the Hillsborough disaster from happening again. And there seems to be a growing trend in Europe, particularly in Germany, for the introduction of safe standing.
There is mounting support for it in Wales too, with 96 per cent of 2,364 fans surveyed by the Welsh Conservatives backing a pilot scheme for safe standing. Standing at football matches has almost been resigned to folklore, with a whole generation of fans having spent their lives firmly planted onto hard plastic.
Allowing safe standing could have benefits to both the price of tickets and the atmosphere at matches. Clubs in Wales could increase their attendances because less room is needed for a supporter in the standing section.
The more optimistic supported may hope clubs in Wales would slightly decrease their prices as a result. There does not seem to be a reason against trialling safe standing at football matches in Wales.
And, if it meets the safety requirements, could make football grounds a livelier place to be.
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