LIVE BLOG: First Minister Questions

First Minister for Wales, Carwyn Jones, took questions in The Senedd, Cardiff Bay, from backbench Assembly Members and group leaders from 1:30 – 2:15
First Minister’s questions are now closed.
Bethan Jenkins asks if First Minister will make a statement about the ongoing issue at Swansea University’s School of Management. Mr Jones says it is a matter for the University.
Ms Jenkins says students and staff are intimidated by the ongoing issue. Mr Jones says he would encourage all involved to resolve the issue as soon as possible, but that he cannot get involved with the matter directly.

Eluned Parrott, AM, says overcrowding is an issue for her constituents and asks about potential for new trains in Wales. Me Jones says these are matters which are currently being considered.

AM Steve Thomas asks about Donaldson review into the curriculum, saying many people want more elements to be added to it.
Mr Jones says he would support a measure add a repeal to the reasonable punishment defence to the Violence Against Women Bill in response to Jocelyn Davies question.
AM Bethan Jenkins asks about marketing of brown field sites around Harbour Way (regarding closure of junction 41 at Port Talbot. Mr Jones says the road has opened up a lot of land.
Aled Roberts, deputising Kirsty Williams, asks what government is doing to ensure people have timely appointments for eye care. He asks for guarantees that no patient will go blind as a result of waiting times. Mr Jones responds, saying it would be unacceptable.
Leanne Wood asks if there are representatives from The Welsh Government, relevant services and advocates on behalf of Welsh survivors at the Downing Street summit on criminal neglect. She suggests it could impact teachers and social workers and asks if the Welsh Government has been consulted.
Mr Jones says the take the view that it is a devolved matter and says they would expect once they legislate, there will be a full consultation with Welsh Government and relevant bodies.
Andrew R T Davis asks about the ministers recent trip to America, asking why he did not travel from Cardiff airport. Mr Jones says, “It depends on how much time you have.” Mr Davies says he is disappointed and claims Mr Jones undermined a campaign to use the route. Mr Jones disagrees, and says he will use the airport when he next travels in two weeks time.
Ann Jones is stopped from asking her question when her computer stops working. She mentions a petition she recieved this morning, collected by The Daily Post, regarding the closure of maternity services and removal of consultant-led services in a hospital in North Wales. She asks Mr Jones if he will tolerate further delays. Mr Jones says he wants to see them back in 12 months.
AM Darren Miller asks for a response to the petition. Mr Jones says it is not possible to reopen the relevant department. “The department needs to be rebuilt in order for it to have a sustainable future.” he says.