Second Sorrento's in Cardiff for father and son team

One of the delights Sorrento's have to offer
A FATHER and son team are set to open their second Cardiff café this week after only one year of business.
A new branch of Sorrento’s will open on Salisbury Road, Cathays, this Friday following a successful first year for the company, run by Colin Brooker, 57, and his son Simon, 24.
The decision to open another café comes after the success of their first venture, also named Sorrento’s, which is located on the corner of Pen-Y-Wain Road and MacKintosh Place, near Roath Park.
Colin Brooker said: “It’s very much a family business, one of those ideas that’s brought us together.
“My son came to Cardiff to study Fine Art at the university and fell in love with the city. I was over in Australia at the time, and we kind of lost contact at quite an important age.
“We came together again, so Sorrento’s is about more than just the food, it’s about us as well. We’ve found that the old-school business mind and the young mentality work well together and it’s brought two generations of people together.”
Ahead of the opening, Mr Brooker explained what he felt were some of the reasons behind their success. “Everything’s cooked fresh, and everything has a slight twist to it. It’s basically traditional food with a quirk,” he said.
“We achieve a flavour of the past, with a modern twist. We play black and white slapstick movies throughout the day as well as our retro style and swing music, but the atmosphere feels young and modern.”

Sorrento's on Salisbury Road, set to open this week.
Sorrento’s on Salisbury Road, set to open this week.

There are several new ideas planned for Sorrento’s, including theme nights on Thursdays (starting with an 80s disco), as well as a Bring Your Own Booze policy, games on the tables for customers and a new Meet, Greet and Eat room, where communal tables have been brought it to create a more sociable experience.