Mum scared for kids after 8,000 needles found in Butetown

RESIDENTS are feeling let down by local authorities as nearly 8,000 heroin needles a year are being found scattered near homes in Butetown.
One mum, who wishes to remain anonymous, reported seeing heroin and cannabis being dealt openly in public and youths injecting heroin in daylight around Bute Canal Park, the community centre and the high rise flats on Loudoun Square.
She told The Cardiffian she was disappointed that police took more than 24 hours to contact her after she complained and feels they are not doing enough to solve the issue.
She believes the drug problem is caused by those staying at the Huggard Centre which is close to the areas where needles have been found. 
A spokesman for The Huggard Centre said that while drug addicts do stay at the facility, the main problem is drug dealers in the area. He added that people staying in the Huggard Centre don’t inject heroin while there.

Heroin needles found in Bute Canal Park
Heroin needles found in Bute Canal Park. Source:

The mum said: “It sickens me to my stomach, I don’t want this on my doorstep. The needles are dangerous and dirty.”
She no longer lets her young children play in Bute Canal Park for fear they could injure themselves or see addicts injecting heroin.
At a community meeting on Friday night in Butetown, a spokesman for the Huggard Centre said that between 7,000 and 8,000 heroin needles had been picked up in the area over the past year by a contracted cleaning attendant.
Nasir Adam, a Plaid Cymru candidate for the Butetown and Cardiff Bay council ward, said: “The community feels that no-one is taking this issue seriously. We have had enough, it’s time to stop talking about it and take action.”
He added: “I believe it’s time to get everyone around a table – including local organisations like the Huggard centre, the Salvation Army, and the police. This issue needs collaboration and partnership if we want to address this issue head on.”
The South Wales Police refused to comment on the problem.