Commuters angry at 'terrible' Llanrumney buses

A bus stop near Llanrumney Community Centre.

CITY Bus has been accused by commuters and council members of running a “terrible” service for Llanrumney.
The 49 and 50 buses should be running every 10 minutes from stops like the Countisbury shops, or Burnham Avenue. But many residents do not believe the buses are reliable enough.
Kevin Price, of Bronte Close, is angry with what he calls the poor service provided to Llanrumney residents.
“The service is terrible. On Saturday night my bus was due at quarter past eight. It didn’t turn up until twenty to nine and I missed my connecting bus. I had to catch a taxi instead which cost me £10.
“More often than not, we’ve had this situation where buses just don’t turn up. More than once I’ve been stood on a bus stop for over an hour without one arriving. Their services have barely improved at all since that happened. Why there aren’t more complaints I don’t know!”
He added that the bus services stopped abruptly at Mount Pleasant Avenue roundabout on Halloween and Bonfire night, refusing to go any further into Llanrumney for fear of violent behaviour.
He said: “I work night shifts, and both of those nights I had to stay in and lose money because I couldn’t get to work.
“I know they’re worried about people chucking bricks and bottles and things at the buses, but why can’t they get a policeman on board with a camera or something?”
Anthony Baker, of Countisbury Avenue, was even more blunt.
“My bus was meant to be here at five past four. I’ve been here since four. My bus is 25 minutes late. It’s a terrible service.”
Councillor Keith Jones attacked the service saying: “Llanrumney Cardiff Bus routes are some of the most well used in the city. I share the frustration felt by residents with a service that often fails to meet the required standard.
“People often talk about ‘phantom buses’ – buses that are displayed on electronic screens at bus stops that then fail to materialise, instead just being deleted off the display. We’ll be making representations to Cardiff Bus to live up to expectations.
“When the new Cardiff bus station opens, we want to see more dedicated Llanrumney buses using it.”
But Oteju Reis, another bus user, didn’t agree with the criticism. “I reckon the buses are fine. They’re pretty regular so there’s always one when you need it.
“It did slow down for one or two days where they were bad last week but otherwise they’ve been fine for me.”
We contacted Cardiff Bus for a comment but are still waiting for a reply.