Disappointed Hammer falls to spin-kicking Brazilian

JACK “Hammer” Marshman was left disappointed on Sunday after a kick from Thiago Santos brought their Ultimate Fighting Championship bout to a swift conclusion.
Marshman, 27, from Abertillery, had a rough first round, with Brazilian Santos getting in many of the early blows.
Four minutes into that first round Marshman came back with a powerful right hook, leaving Santos looking shaken.
Going into the second round, Marshman showed he was happy to trade a blow from one of Santos’ kicks if it opened the opportunity to land a right hook.
Santos showed how he earned his nickname “Marreta” (Portuguese for sledgehammer) with a backwards spinning kick that brought Marshman down two minutes into the second round.
As Marshman brought his hands up to block his face the referee ran in to stop the fight.

In an interview with BBC Sport Marshman said he was disappointed the fight had been stopped early, but admitted that Santos landed a great kick.
Marshman, who became the first Welshman to join the UFC in his debut bout against Sweden’s Magnus Cedenblad last November, may now face a 45-day medical suspension.
Until he met Santos in Canada, Marshman had won seven consecutive fights, with no losses since 2014.

  • UFC matches contestants in various weight categories. They enter the Octagon, an eight-sided cage and have to defeat their opponents by knockout, submission or judges’ decision. Worldwide audiences for the biggest fights number in the millions.