World Poetry Day still stirs the emotions

TO celebrate World Poetry Day, the Cardiffian took to the streets of Cardiff to spread rhythmic joy.
Many were unaware that it was World Poetry Day, but roaming the streets and sitting in bookshop cafes, we found that poetry still has the ability to stir emotions deep within us.

Today was the 18th celebration of an event first proclaimed by UNESCO in 1999.
Among its reasons for proclaiming March 21 as World Poetry Day, UNESCO said: “In today’s world there are unfulfilled aesthetic needs. Poetry can meet this need if its social role of interpersonal communication is recognised and it continues to be the means of arousing and expressing awareness.
“It is a social need, which incites young people in particular to return to their roots, and a means whereby they can look into themselves at a time when the outside world is irresistibly luring them away from themselves.”
The day has been celebrated globally on social media.

Happy World Poetry Day!