Cyncoed newcomer captures sense of community with wildlife photography

Residents take a liking to Portuguese native’s snaps of squirrels and landmarks

A PHOTOGRAPHER who recently moved to Cyncoed has bonded with his fellow residents thanks to his photographs highlighting the area.

Kevin Flores, originally from Praia de Pedrógão in Leiria, Portugal, made the trip to Wales last December following a two-month stay in London.

After saving up for several months, Kevin was able to afford a Canon 6D camera and from May onwards began snapping animals and local landmarks.

“As a newcomer, my photography was and still is a way of communicating with the locals. By taking pictures of things that are familiar to them and close to their hearts, it’s a way of connecting with the people here and the culture.

“I really like the history behind the Roath Park lighthouse and the reason why it got restored. I knew from early on that it was an important landmark here,” said Kevin, 23.

Fisherman at Roath Park’s lake featuring the iconic lighthouse. (Photo: Kevin Flores)

Alongside landscape shots, his photos of Cardiff’s squirrel population have proved so popular that he decided to make an Instagram page dedicated solely to them (@squirrelsofwales).

“I set up the squirrel Instagram page as I thought to myself that of all the photos I have, the majority are of the squirrels, and everyone loves them the most,” said Kevin.

The nature snapper was able to communicate with his new neighbours despite the Covid lockdowns via the Nextdoor app with conversations and interest soaring particularly since he recently uploaded his photos.

Kevin said: “What I love about Cyncoed is that I find people really polite here. I’ve been welcomed by the community, especially via Nextdoor. As the app is so locally focused, you get to learn more about the specific area you live in and your community. It brings together all the neighbours in a digital space.”

One of Cardiff’s furry residents up close. (Photo: Kevin Flores)

He has since started selling his works as both canvas and framed pieces.

Jennifer Cronin, 77 said: “I bought a little picture of a squirrel, and it is lovely. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to engage with a great photographer in the local area.”

Others have pointed out his vision for appreciating the local scenery. Andrea Beal, 62, said: “Kevin’s photos are amazing. They show that there are such lovely scenes to see in this area if you really look.”

If you’d like to view more of Kevin’s photography or purchase any of his work, you can get in touch with him on Instagram: @kevin_flores_ph or via Nextdoor simply under Kevin Flores when in the Cardiff area.