Man calling himself Ozzy Osbourne jailed for trying to bite police officer

Thief who attempted to steal booze sentenced after assaulting policeman

A MAN who referred to himself as Ozzy Osbourne has been jailed for six week after attempting to bite a police officer.

Neil Osborne, 40, pleaded guilty in Cardiff Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday to two counts of assault and one count of theft after an incident last Sunday, February 13.

Police were called to a shop in Cardiff close to 10pm on Sunday evening after Osborne attempted to take a can of Oranjeboom beer and a bottle of wine without paying, the court was told.

Mr Osborne started shouting “f*** off” after he was told by the shopkeeper that he could not take these drinks for free, prosector Natasha Roberts told the court.

When police asked who he was, he did not give his real name.

Instead, he referred to himself as Ozzy Osbourne after the famous heavy metal musician, Ms Roberts added.

When police tried to apprehend the defendant, Osborne attempted to bite the hand of one of the police officers.

Aled Watkins, defending, said: “The officer just reported the sensation of warmth on his hand from the mouth of Mr Osborne.”

The court heard that when he was being driven away in the police car, Osborne wanted to smoke in the back of the police car.

When officers told him to stop trying to smoke in the police car, Osborne refused and said: “I am going to f****** hit you now.”

Prosecutor Ms Roberts went on: “Mr Osborne was under the influence of alcohol and has failed to comply with the police, the prosecution feels he should pay a total of £85 in compensation to his victims, as well as £9.24 to the store.”

The defence claimed Osborne had previously had alcohol from the store on credit so it was his understanding he would be able to take this for free while he waited for his benefit payment which was due.

This payment had not yet been received and Osborne had been living without a fixed address before the incident.

The court heard Osborne had been sleeping under a duvet drinking alcohol while waiting for his benefit payment to arrive.

Chairman of the magistrates bench, Fiona Tompkins, sentenced Osborne for the assault of the shopkeeper as well as the police officer and the theft.

Ms Tompkins told him: “You are sentenced to four weeks for the assault on the shopkeeper, six weeks for the assault on the police officer. For the theft you are sentenced to two weeks to run concurrently with the others. Therefore, you are sentenced to six weeks total in custody.”