Poppy Appeal caravan supporting veterans in Penarth
Poppy Appeal caravan in Penarth. Image credit: Bethan Wild

Veterans donate a caravan to help Penarth’s Poppy Appeal 

It is set to be refurbished in time for Remembrance Day next year 

A GROUP of veterans have donated a caravan to Penarth Royal British Legion to demonstrate what the Poppy Appeal means to them.

A fund-raising caravan is a familiar sight outside the St Fagans Castle pub on Windsor Road in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Sunday.

The donation came after veterans, volunteers and other Penarth residents gathered on October 29 to show what the Poppy symbol means to them. 

The Poppy Appeal caravan outside St Fagans Castle on Windsor Road. Image Credit: Bethan Wild

Retired police officer and volunteer, Kay Brinkworth, said a group of veterans travelled to Penarth to show their support for the poppy caravan and its volunteers.

Navy veteran, and organiser of Penarth’s Poppy Appeal, Paul Galsworthy, said: “Last year, just as we were coming out of Covid, we managed to collect £18,800 for the Royal British Legion.”

The veterans, who did not want to be named, told Ms Brinkworth they had overheard a conversation about fundraising for a new caravan, and decided to donate one to the RBL Penarth.

CD Motors Porth helped out, and the caravan will be refurbished and painted in time for next year’s Poppy Appeal campaign.

The new caravan donated by the veterans. Image credit: Paul Galsworthy.

Penarth councillor Lis Burnett said: “Penarth has got a strong record of supporting Poppy Day and will continue to do so.”

This time of the year is an opportunity to show our support to those that have fought for us and represented us in the armed forces, she added.

“The caravan itself has been there for around 30 years and they have been collecting in that place for about 60 years,” said Mr Galsworthy.  

Ms Brinkworth said: “There is even a model of it with all the other iconic buildings of Penarth above the entrance to Dingle Park.”

Mr Galsworthy hopes the gesture will inspire others to continue the work of Penarth’s Poppy Appeal for many more decades.