Fears grow on high street targeted by thieves

Llanrumney residents concerned after an attempted burglary at supermarket on crime-hit street

RESIDENTS have raised concerns about crime on Countisbury Avenue following an attempted burglary at a Tesco Express.

The supermarket’s windows were badly damaged in the attack, in the early hours of November 7.

The shop was targeted at 1am by a man who tried and failed to force his way in, before turning his attention to the nearby Iceland shop.

When police arrived the man abandoned his plans and fled.

“This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened, and it doubtless will happen again,” said Lisa Jones, who lives around the corner.

“My concern is that companies might withdraw from the area, because of being targeted so often.”

Last year a nearby Co-op was the target of an attempted break-in.

The row of shops on Countisbury Avenue, including the Co-op targeted by thieves in 2021.

In February 2021 thieves tried to break into the store and cash machine using acetylene cylinders, which caused an explosion that residents described as sounding “like a bomb went off”.

About 40 people were evacuated from flats above the store and a nearby car was set on fire. The store was badly damaged with debris stretched across the road.

The same store has also targeted by ram-raids over the past three years.

The fear now is that companies could pull out of the area.

“They are vital (part of the) local economy both in terms of jobs and providing a decent range of things to buy,” said Ms Jones.

“They also form a meeting place for local people.”

Ward councillors Keith Jones, Lee Bridgeman and Heather Joyce campaigned for a network of CCTV cameras covering the row of shop. These were installed at the end of 2020.

The street has also had an issue with violent crime, including back in 2018 when a street fight turned stabbing landed four people in hospital.

The incident allegedly involved the use of weapons including a small axe. Three men were later arrested.

  • South Wales Police are investigating the Tesco Express incident. Anyone with information should ring 101 quoting the reference 2200376638.