Natalie Donovan's generosity as a secret Santa is a relief for many in Whitchurch this Christmas

Meet the secret Santa bringing cheer to Whitchurch

Cardiff mum is ‘checking her list’ and giving back to the less fortunate this Christmas

A CARDIFF woman’s generosity as a secret Santa will be a great relief for people in Whitchurch, struggling with the cost-of-living crisis this festive season.

Natalie Donovan, who lives in Whitchurch, is putting together food parcels and gift boxes for those finding it tough this Christmas.

“Although I don’t get gifts, I do have a roof over my head and food in my tummy so I would like to help the less advantaged,” she said.

“December as a whole is very depressing for many and trying to find money for food this year will be a big challenge, let alone for gifts.”

Local hero, Natalie Donovan, is spreading Christmas cheer around Whitchurch

The mum of two came up with the idea after hearing people’s worries at her job as a Slimming World consultant at Whitchurch Community Centre.

“I was hearing conversations about the rise in costs of basic foods and essentials,” said Ms Donovan.

“I remember during the pandemic the Whitchurch community coming together and making food parcels for those who were financially struggling so I thought what can I do to help?”

Using social media and her community connections, Ms Donovan received “quite a lot of donations in a short space of time”. She predicts she will be able to make up 15 food parcels and 10 gift hampers by December 17.

Many local residents have volunteered to help her deliver the gifts. It is also up to the Whitchurch community to nominate who will receive them.

“I have asked all of my contacts and people in the community to come forward and let me know if they are aware of anyone who is struggling this Christmas.

“This might be someone elderly who has very little support or a family, it could be a neighbour or even a family member,” said Ms Donovan.

She is asking for:

  • Food – Items must be sealed and in date. These can include cupboard items, packets or tins, and any treats for children.
  • Gifts – Items must be sealed and brand new. These can include toiletries, toys and gift sets for people of all ages.
  • Clothes – Items must be in a good condition. These can include anything warm for those who cannot afford heating.

If you would like to donate to Natalie’s scheme in Whitchurch, please contact: