Pony browsing for toiletries. Image credit: The Healthy Horse Project

A pony strolled into a Tesco store in Cardiff leaving shoppers astonished

The friendly black and white horse casually wandered into the Pengam Green branch

SHOPPERS at a Tesco supermarket in Cardiff had the shock of their lives when a curious pony wandered into the store.

The black and white pony browsed the aisles for five minutes – having a quick look at the baby food.

It was then escorted out by volunteers from a local animal charity, the Healthy Horse Project, who happened to be in the store.

Video of the horse in Pengam Tesco. Credit: @FoxesForever3

A photo snapped by a passing shopper shows customers chuckling at the sight as the horse appears to be browsing the aisles.

Video has also emerged on Twitter, apparently showing the same incident.

The unusual visitor raised eyebrows at around 11.25am on Sunday, February 5.

A Tesco spokesperson confirmed the horse had indeed popped into the store. He told The Cardiffian: “We can only guess that the pony was tempted in by our Low Everyday Prices on oats.”

Horses pictured from the road on Rover Way. Image Credit: Shannon McGuigan

Horses are a common sight in this part of Tremorfa, with wild ponies living on Pengam Moors near the Tesco Extra store. But they usually prefer to stay outdoors, rather than take a shopping trip.

Abbas Khan, 32, a local taxi driver said: “You always see young people riding horses in this area, especially at the nearby McDonald’s – but it was still a shock to hear about the pony in Tesco. It’s not something you see every day.”