Mathew Walk field in Danescourt
Credit: Sarah Dalton

Residents concerned over plans to let their only green space grow wild

Families say the Cardiff scheme will take away children’s only place to run around

CARDIFF Council wants to let Mathew Walk field in Danescourt grow wild to improve biodiversity in the city.

But for residents of the estate, letting the grass overgrow would take away their only space for children and dogs to run safely, away from roads.

The proposal is part of the council’s One Cut scheme, contributing to the council’s strategy to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Bev Sarin from Danescourt believes the council needs to work with the community, instead of imposing plans on them.

“This estate is very much a young family estate, and this is the only safe outdoor space that families can use,” she said.

Locals claim their green space is being attacked from all sides, as they continue to fight plans to build on Radyr Court Road’s grass and in Hermit Woods.

Resident, Caroline Ferguson, has launched a petition against the One Cut proposal which has received 657 signatures and will be submitted to Cardiff Council this week.

Mathew Walk field isn’t the only green space Cardiff Council have plans for. Residents have been protesting the building of houses on Radyr Court Road. Credit: Sarah Dalton