How 101-year-old Margaret received more than 170 birthday cards after public shout-out

Staff at the Heol Don Care Home in Whitchurch asked well-wishers to send birthday cards to their veteran resident

MARGARET Hockey from Whitchurch turns 101 years old on Friday, March 24, and has received over 170 birthday cards from people all over Cardiff.

Heol Don Care Home in Whitchurch put out an appeal to try to get 101 birthday cards sent to the home in time for Ms Hockey’s 101st surprise birthday party on Friday, where her drink of choice – a gin and tonic – would be served up alongside the cards.

In just six days, the home received more than 170 birthday cards for Ms Hockey.

The party has had to be pushed back a fortnight due to a covid outbreak in the home, but staff member Stephen Rondel said she has enjoyed the day all the same.

“It’s a shame that we couldn’t get more people here but we’re in a kind of lockdown,” he said.

“But Margaret is looking forward to her cake and cards. It has been amazing to see the community respond in this way; she’s a great woman and we love having her here.”

Born and raised in Suffolk, Ms Hockey has worked several jobs, including retail and in a launderette, but her favourite job was managing Spillers record shop, believed to be the oldest record shop in the world.

Ms Hockey has always been very passionate about charity work and was once able to combine one of her passions, knitting, to create hats for new-born babies in hospital.

The grandmother of three has always enjoyed the arts, and she is a big fan of music, painting and flower arranging – activities she relishes in at Heol Don at every opportunity.

Having lived through World War II and a pandemic, as well as seeing five monarchs, Ms Hockey was asked what the secret is to a long and happy life: “Hard work, dedication, and living life to the full.”