Splott Councillor Jane Henshaw (left) and Dr Karolina Rucinska (right)

‘Bleak’ park needs to be ‘more welcoming for young girls and women’

Splott Park provides plenty of outdoor sports facilities, but the community thinks the council could do more with the space

SPLOTT Park caters well to young people playing sports outdoors, but residents say more could be done to ensure everybody can enjoy the space.

The park has two multi-use game areas, a skate park, a football pitch, a children’s play area, and is right next to the Star Hwb.

While these facilities are greatly used by the community, there are few other options for those who want to use the outside space to socialise.

Suggestions from residents included more lighting to make women and girls feel safer in the park at night, more benches to create social opportunities that don’t require sitting on the ground, and a covered area for when the grass is waterlogged.

According to Councillor Jane Henshaw, Cardiff Council is planning to move the children’s play park from the back of the park to the front to make it more accessible and visible for families.

Make Space for Girls is a charity that campaigns for all public spaces, including parks, to be designed with girls and young women in mind.

One resident Jacqui Crowley, who did not want to appear in the video, is urging the council to work with the charity to improve the “bleak park”.

Jacqui Crowley lives near what she describes as “bleak” Splott Park.