Looking up Bridge Road. Credit: William Rogers

Motorists seeing red over temporary traffic lights which cause huge tailbacks in Llandaff

Journeys which should take a few minutes are taking up to 40 due to the roadworks on Bridge Road

ROADWORKS that have led to lengthy delays on a busy commuter route through north Cardiff are set to continue for three months, motorists have been warned.

Welsh Water put up temporary traffic lights on Bridge Road between Llandaff Bridge and the Heathcock roundabout while new water pipes are laid.

This map shows the area (highlighted in green) affected by the temporary traffic lights on Bridge Road.

Credit: Welsh Water

The lights mean traffic can only travel in one direction at a time along the busy two-way A4054 – the road which runs behind the old BBC site – which is a key commuter route in and out of the Welsh capital.

That means that traffic regularly backs up along Cardiff Road and Llantrisant Road on the Llandaff side of the roadworks; and along Station Road on the Llandaff North side.

Journeys which should take just a few minutes are taking much longer, according to road users.

Penny Bowers, who lives near Hailey Park in Llandaff North, caught the bus home from the Halfway Pub in Pontcanna – a journey which should have taken around 10 minutes. But she was stuck on Cardiff Road for 40 minutes.

“I was shocked at how bad it was, especially at around 2pm,” she said.

“Normally I would catch the bus to my hospital appointment at the top of Cathedral Road, but it was faster to walk.

“I don’t mind walking to appointments if the weather is OK but in February I need to have the option.”

Helen Stewart, who lives on nearby Radyr Court Road, said some residents are having to rethink their daily lives due to the roadworks.

“I’m trying to avoid going out at certain times because it’s so bad,” she said.

“The route in both directions is backed up through rush hours even more than usual, which is bad enough as it is.”

Looking towards Llandaff North on Bridge Road near Llandaff Rowing Club. Credit: William Rogers

Alyson Hembury, who lives on Station Road on the Llandaff North side of Bridge Road, said: “I watch from 3pm every day until 6.30pm when the traffic backs all the way up to the hill on Station Road.

“Traffic happens quite a lot in the area due to concerts and events, but this has made things worse. The new housing development in Radyr has only added to the issues”.

The lights were put up on January 22 by Morrison Water Services, with work taking place between 7am and 7pm every day.

There are other Welsh Water projects going on in the area, with the construction of a stone track on De Braose Close continuing in nearby Danescourt and the installation of a sewage pumping station in Hailey Park due to last for another year.

The traffic lights are manned during rush hours to manage the flow of traffic and are due to be in place until April 21, 2024.

Welsh Water have been asked for a comment.

  • Have you been caught up in the jams? Email RogersW@cardiff.ac.uk