Filthy mountain of rubbish on one of Cardiff’s busiest streets branded an ‘eyesore’

Hundreds of residents and commuters walk past the site on Crwys Road every day and there is a call for something to be done about it

BAGS of rubbish, food waste, beer cans… and even an old toilet.

It’s the unsightly pile of waste spilling onto one of Cardiff’s busiest streets that residents and commuters have to walk past every day.

The eyesore on Crwys Road in Cathays – close to the junction with Albany Road and City Road – has got steadily worse as street litter is apparently thrown onto the existing heap.

And now there are calls for it to be cleaned up once and for all.

But the site, which is sandwiched between private houses and surrounded by independent businesses, is on private land and not the responsibility of Cardiff council.

Residents have branded the high profile fly-tip “disgusting”.

The pile is nestled between homes and businesses. Credit: Eoin McCaul

Jason Smith, who is manager of the Royal George pub a couple of doors down, has to walk past the blott on the landscape every day to get to work.

He said: “It’s an eyesore – I don’t know how long it’s been there, it must be attracting rats and there’s seagulls around here as well.

“Crwys Road is infamous for the rubbish that accumulates during the week and I think people have just accepted that as fact.”

Since the litter is on private land the council can’t go in to clean it up themselves.

Elizabeth Lodge helps to clean the streets of Roath every Saturday with Keep Roath Tidy.

The group picks up litter from nearby City Road and Albany Road and this spot lies just on the boundary of Roath and Cathays.

She said: “I passed it the other day and thought ‘Oh my god, what the hell is that?’ It’s disgusting.

“There must be so many rats around there too.”

Neighbourhood clean-up volunteers Keep Roath Tidy. Credit: Keep Roath Tidy

Local councillors have reported the spot many times, asking for the landowner to get it cleaned up. But it appears that nothing has been done.

Plasnewydd Councillor Dan De’Ath said: “It’s really disappointing that this has happened. We’re working with the council’s waste management team to try to get the landowner to remove this dumped rubbish and to secure the site to stop this from happening again.”