Volunteers who worked on the new dead hedge. Credit: Katherine Gray.

New homes for birds, butterflies and more as volunteers spruce up Grangemoor Park

Cardiff Rivers Group and park rangers are improving the ex-landfill site for wildlife

NEW homes for skylarks, butterflies and mammals are being built in Grangemoor Park.

Volunteers and park rangers have been cutting down fast-growing willow and shrubs to build new wildlife habitats. 

On March 2 they finished their latest project, a 40-meter dead hedge made from the willow. This will provide a habitat for birds during nesting season.

“We were here last week and as soon as we finished, there’s a wren and robin checking it out,” said Dave King MBE, founder of environmental volunteer group, Cardiff Rivers Group.

The ex-landfill site was closed during 2022, while Cardiff Council tried to stop contaminated water from the area entering the River Ely and Cardiff Bay.

  • You can find out more about the project here.