St Mary Street. Credit: Cerys Gardner.

Teenager who dreamed of joining the Marines caught drink-driving on St Mary Street

He planned to stay with a friend but ‘made a mistake’ and tried to drive home instead

AN 18-year-old’s ambitions of joining the Royal Marines have been dashed after he was caught drink-driving on St Mary Street. 

Oliver Brain, 18, of Farm Road, Ruardean Woodside, Gloucestershire, told Cardiff Magistrates Court he was split up from friends during a night out on February 18. He then got angry and decided to drive home instead of staying at a friend’s house as planned, he said. 

“It was a mistake of mine. I should not have drunk that much in the first place. I was going to join the Marines and I can’t anymore,” said Brain, who represented himself in court. 

At 2am a taxi marshall had some concerns about his driving and the police were called, prosecutor Michael Curry told the court. 

According to Mr Curry, Brain said: “Look, I have had too much to drink.”

He was taken to a police station where he gave two samples for testing, Mr Curry said. Brain was at almost twice the legal limit, with 61 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath, the court heard. 

Brain was charged with driving while over the alcohol limit. He pleaded guilty. 

Magistrate Kelly Morgan sentenced him to a 17-month driving disqualification, reduced by four months if he completes a drink-driving rehabilitation course. His disqualification will end on either August 11 or April 14, 2025. 

“If you drive whilst disqualified you will be committing a serious offence,” said Ms Morgan. 

He was also ordered to pay a £94 fine, a surcharge of £35 and prosecution costs of £85.